Located in the area of the famous Barolo wine, Cascina Barolo Bed and Breakfast was built in the late nineteenth century a few hundred meters from La Morra, on top of the hill overlooking the beautiful town of Cherasco, a beautiful sight to admire every night, with a spectacular view of the sunset and the majestic Mount Viso (3841 m).

A strategic location in the famous Langhe area near the village of Barolo, Monforte and only 12 km from Alba, the city known for the coveted truffle and its fair known throughout the world.

Located in the famous Barolo wine area Cascina Barolo was built in the late nineteenth century. Surrounded by vineyards and chestnut trees, the Cascina offers an atmosphere of yesteryear, relaxation and comfort true to the Piedmont countryside. The only sounds that make part of our environment are the chirping of birds, the sound of the fireplace burning wood, or perhaps the sound of rain.

The Cascina was renovated in the ’60s by the then owner, a Piedmontese architect who with much care and passion maintained the authentic characteristics of the farm, recovering a good portion of the original materials and using other valuable materials found in the area of the Langhe. This work has meant that the environment is quite ‘clean’ and healthy, all the treatments of the materials used have been made with water based or with natural products only.

A year ago, with passion, we checked up on all the rooms and renovated the parts that needed work trying to make this place comfortable and unique.

Affitta l'intera Cascina Barolo Bed and Breakfast

For special occasions, we are able to offer to you the whole facility with guardian service and daily maid service (kitchen and living), including breakfast which will be included in the price and will be served from 7:45 to 11:00 in the living area on the ground floor.
Rental of the Cascina requires a minimum of two nights. (Maximum number of guests to stay comfortably: 10 people)

750,00 euro/night including VAT.



Your hostess.

“Hello to the friends who already know us and also to those who are discovering us only now, perhaps accidentally or perhaps because you might love the nature and the food in the wonderful Langhe Piedmont.

I am happy to welcome you to Cascina Barolo bed and breakfast, a wonderful place that I love and one I’d like you to enjoy as much as I do… “

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Via Pittamiglio 29, 12062 Cherasco CN
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